2. How do you bring a beloved brand still stuck in the Stone Age into the 21st century?

  3. Flintstones™ Vitamins are an iconic product found in every home in the US. They’re as rich in nostalgia as they are nutrients, but vitamins have come a long way since they first launched back in the 1960s – and they needed a change.
    Over the course of a competitive pitch win, we hit on our insight that growing up is messy (not to mention utterly insane).
    Parents and kids alike face a ton of societal pressure, so if we could help normalise being, well, normal, we’d be doing a world of good.
    Our platform “Made for real growth” embraces imperfection and not being afraid to f*** up because that’s how we grow!

  1. We also took care of their product photography with Vanessa Krees by bringing a dash of reality, cuteness and fun before your eyes.