2. How can we put Black Label’s unique flavour into words? 

  3. Johnnie Walker Black Label might be easy to drink, but it isn’t as easy to describe: a complex mix of fruit, toffee and vanilla that leaves us at a loss for words – in a good way!
    So rather than try to describe something so… indescribable, we thought bigger than words alone.  
    Working with Marvel villain (and real life villain) Jonathan Majors – together with award-winning director Yann Demange – we created a world where Black Label's blending, ageing and flavour notes could come to life.
    Then with the help of Mercury Prize-winning jazz group Ezra Collective, a troupe of dancers, and a spine-tingling track from an R&B legend, we communicated the incommunicable (is that a word?) in a social series carefully designed for each format.